Why laser eye surgery?

Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey towards seeing naturally. Laser eye surgery at Medownick can give you the freedom to see the world and embrace all that it has to offer, without the limitations and discomfort of glasses and contact lenses.  

If you are dreaming about how life could look and feel if you were able to see clearly without glasses, we want to help turn those dreams into reality. For all of us at Medownick Laser Clinic, the thrill of having our patients describe their surgery as “life changing” never gets old. 

“My experience at Medownick has been fantastic since the first day I had my assessment done. It was very easy and quick to get an appointment and the staff are always happy, friendly and welcoming. I am just over 3 months post surgery and it’s one of the BEST things I have done!” - Jacqui Leutenmayr  

“The best, most life changing decision I’ve made is to get PRK done at Medownick. From the initial consult to the day of the procedure and all the post-op appointments, the team at Medownick has been fantastic! I can’t recommend them enough. Thank you a million times! I love my new eyes.” - Mudra Patel  

“Getting my laser eye surgery done at Medownick has been one of the best decision of my life. The staff & Drs are exceptionally caring.” - Faizan Ahmed 

“It's been a life changing experience to have clear vision without glasses. Thank you again.” - Vinodh Narasimhan  

“I finally have the freedom of not needing to rely on glasses or contacts, and can see even better without them now. I am incredibly grateful to have been taken care of by Medownick, and I am grateful for my new view of the world! Onto more adventures with clear vision. Thank you, Medownick!” - Hez Graupner  

“The BEST decision I ever made! If you’re even slightly considering laser eye surgery definitely head to Medownick Laser Clinic for your initial consult and you’ll see just how incredible they are. Everyone is so lovely and calm and it makes the whole experience just that much more reassuring.” - Kelsey Lea 

“The staff at Medownick are the best I have come across in any healthcare environment. They are attentive, professional and they care. The surgery is certainly life changing.” - Christian Daish  

“Clean, friendly, slick, professional and highly efficient in all things. From the beginning I felt everything was explained clearly, plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and all queries were answered directly and thoroughly. It's no small change to life, and I've been so grateful for the ability to wake up and see the world in its fullness. Thank you for a wonderful experience through the journey of advanced PRK laser eye surgery.” - Lucy Lawes 

“Had an amazing experience having my eye laser surgery at Medownick Laser Clinic - I did it in January 2023 and it’s the best investment I did for myself and my well-being!” - Leslie Clark  

“The surgery has changed my life in so many ways. No more putting contacts in in the morning. No more foggy glasses. No more blurry vision when swimming at the beach or pool. No more irritated contact lenses. No more fumbling for my glasses in the middle of the night. Waking up everyday and being able to see immediately still baffles me! The Medownick Team have been next to none in their service and genuine kindness. From the first phone call to follow up calls three months on they are absolute gems!” - Phillippa Garner 


The testimonials above were all written by real patients who had laser eye surgery at Medownick Laser Clinic. You can find these and many hundreds more public reviews by searching our name on Google.  

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