Why laser eye surgery?

If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses, you’ll know how frustrating and limiting they can be. Breaking free from this hassle is just one of the many reasons people choose laser eye surgery. Start living your best life today.

Imagine waking up and being able to see clearly without assistance. For many, this dream is possible with laser eye surgery, which provides a very real option for people suffering from short- and long-sightedness, or astigmatism.

Laser eye surgery benefits

These are some of the common reasons why people like you have decided to trust Medownick Laser Eye Clinic to perform this life-changing surgery:

  • You want to break free from the everyday hassle of wearing glasses and contact lenses.
  • You’re sick of the time and expense it takes to maintain your glasses and contact lenses.
  • You want to improve the quality of your natural vision.
  • You love playing sport or exercising, and your glasses get in the way.
  • Swimming at the pool or the beach is no fun with blurred vision, and contact lenses can get lost or increase the risk of eye infection.
  • Your career is likely to benefit from not wearing glasses or contacts; for example, if you are a professional sportsperson, in the media, or in the military or police force.

You want to boost your confidence and feel better about your appearance

Our approach

While there are many benefits to laser eye surgery, we know it is daunting. It’s why we arm you with as much information as possible, so you can make an informed decision about your eyes.

It’s also why our initial screening process is rigorous and comprehensive – our experts thoroughly assess and examine the health of your eyes to determine the most suitable treatment for you. Every eye is unique, so we take a tailored approach and customise eye surgery treatments to address your individual needs.

Your suitability for laser eye surgery changes as you age, so now is the perfect time to book a free assessment.

Interest-free offer

Laser eye surgery is an investment in you. It’s why we offer interest-free payment plans over six, 12 or 18 months to suitable candidates.

Book a free laser eye assessment

Stop wondering and find out once and for all whether laser eye surgery is right for you. Book a free eye assessment today.