It’s unfortunate that, as we get older, we start to experience a gradual shift in eye focus for reading or up-close work. This condition is called presbyopia and it is commonly treated with bifocal or multifocal glasses, particularly when it occurs in people who also suffer myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism.

About presbyopia and treatment

As we perform our daily activities, like reading, texting or working at the computer, our eyes are constantly focusing on objects at varying distances – up close, far away and in-between. The ability to quickly change focus throughout our range of vision is called ‘accommodation’. Most people start experiencing presbyopia as they approach 45, an age when the eye muscles and lenses gradually start to lose some of their flexibility.

As yet, there is no known non-surgical treatment for presbyopia – the only treatment is laser eye surgery or intraocular implant surgery.

If you have already had laser eye surgery to correct your distance vision, you will typically be normally sighted. But as you get older, you’ll find you’ll need reading glasses for small print, just like every other normally sighted person aged 45-plus. This can be corrected with a different laser vision procedure.

At Medownick, we treat presbyopia using our Excimer Laser, and have a few different ways to reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses. One of the options for the treatment of presbyopia in older people is called monovision.

Monovision treatment

In monovision, one eye is used to focus on near objects, while the other is focuses on far objects. For example, if the object is far away, the ‘dominant’ or ‘distant’ eye is primarily used, whereas if the object is near, the ‘close-up’ eye is primarily used. While both eyes are used, monovision purposely leaves one eye somewhat near-sighted. Usually, this is the non-dominant eye, such as the left eye in a right-handed person, or vice versa.

This treatment is not suitable for everyone, but we can discuss the details with you to determine what is the best course of action. We can even provide you with a contact lens to trial monovision, to see if this option suits your eyes and your lifestyle.

Multifocal ReFocus vision correction

For those aged 60-plus who hate their multifocal glasses, a new Multifocal ReFocus vision correction procedure might be the way forward.

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