What will I experience at Medownick on the day of my laser eye surgery?

The big day of your laser eye surgery has finally arrived. Here’s what you can expect from the moment you leave home to when you complete your laser eye surgery at the Medownick Laser Eye Clinic at Epworth.

1. Before you leave home

The laser eye surgery procedure takes minutes, but please allow between three to four hours for the full process. Here’s what you should do to get ready for your surgery:

  • There are no specific dietary restrictions, so we encourage you to eat as you normally would.
  • Do not wear any eye make-up, perfume or aftershave.
  • Please wear warm comfortable clothes, as it is can be cold in the Laser Room.
  • If you wear contact lenses, please do not use them for the prescribed period of time before your laser eye surgery. This is usually three days for soft contact lenses

2. When you arrive Medownick Laser Eye Clinic

You’re bound to feel a little anxious. Don’t worry: by this stage we know your eyes in incredible detail, which is the key to every successful laser eye surgery we undertake. Here’s what to expect when you arrive at Medownick:

  • Even though we have performed all the necessary tests, the first thing we will do is a final examination to double-check previous measurements.
  • We will give you a mild oral sedative to help you relax, and will put anaesthetic drops in your eyes.
  • You will be accompanied to our new state-of-the-art Laser Room.
  • You will be fitted with a small device known as a speculum, which keeps your eyes open during the procedure and protects you in the case of blinking.
  • Our expert surgeons, led by Dr Mark Medownick, will perform the surgery. We will talk you through every stage of your laser eye surgery procedure, so there are absolutely no surprises.

3. During your laser eye surgery

Our laser is the fastest in the world and we can treat both eyes in just under 10 minutes. Here’s what you will experience during your laser surgery:

  • You will be asked to look straight ahead at the flashing green light.
  • You won’t feel any pain at all, although at times you may feel a light touch or gentle pressure on your eye, which can be slightly uncomfortable. This lasts only a matter of seconds. If you are suitable for robotic laser eye surgery, no instrument will touch your eye, so there will be no pressure.
  • The laser tracks your eye 1,050 times a second, following it and compensating for your eye movements. There is virtually nothing you could do with your eyes during the treatment to compromise your surgery, or put you at risk.

4. Immediately after laser eye surgery

You’ll probably notice a big change as soon as you sit up after the laser eye surgery is complete. Here’s what happens next.

  • Your vision will be foggy and slightly blurred – what we refer to as ‘Vaseline’ vision.
  • Despite the blurriness, objects and people will already seem more in focus. For many patients, this can be quite overwhelming.
  • We will provide you with written instructions for the use of eye drops and provide you with a post-operative care plan.
  • You can leave almost immediately and may return home shortly after surgery. It’s that quick and that simple.
  • A friend or a family member must drive you home. You must not drive yourself.

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