Dr Mark Medownick

A genuine pioneer, Dr Mark Medownick performs laser eye surgery that gets outstanding results for the thousands of patients he sees at the Medownick Laser Eye Clinic in Melbourne every year.

As one of Australia’s most highly regarded and recognised leaders in laser vision correction, Dr Medownick was the first person in Australia to perform Excimer laser vision correction for long-sightedness, making him a true pioneer in his field.

Always an innovator, Dr Medownick continues to be at the leading edge of new surgical technology. Drawing on research and advancements from overseas, he is constantly evaluating and introducing new techniques that have the potential to decrease surgical intrusion into the eye, minimise risk, and reduce discomfort and pain for his patients. These techniques provide better results for our patients.

Dr Medownick oversees a highly skilled, expert team at our clinic. All share one common aim: to provide Medownick patients with the maximum potential eyesight that is medically possible, while minimising discomfort and inconvenience.

There’s no one you can trust more with the health and wellbeing of your eyes.

Study highlights

In career spanning more than four decades, Dr Medownick has witnessed the evolution of laser eye surgery first hand. Here are some highlights and achievements from a most impressive career:

  • Twelve years of full-time medical study at Melbourne University, including three years study in ophthalmology, which is the intense scientific study of the eye.
  • Shared responsibility for the introduction of specular microscopy into Australia, a technique developed to study the inner layer of the cornea, while at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital.
  • Research fellow at the New York Medical College under Professor Miles Galin MD, one of the pioneers responsible for the introduction of intraocular lens implants that are most commonly used to replace cataracts.

Why Dr Mark Medownick is a pioneer

Dr Medownick has a history of embracing the use of new laser eye corrective techniques in Australia, including being the first, or one of the first, to:

  • Introduce a Yag Laser unit into a private clinic in Victoria.
  • Perform small incision sutureless cataract and implant surgery using a technique known as Phako Emulsification.
  • Perform the new technique of Clear Corneal, Sutureless Cataract Surgery. We refer to this procedure as Low Stress Cataract® Surgery.
  • Acquire the first of the third-generation excimer lasers in the southern hemisphere.
  • Perform laser vision correction for long-sightedness. Consequently, he was invited to present the results to his peers at the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists.
  • Introduce the French Moria Evolution Microkeratome, unique for the precision of its flaps.
  • Perform ALSA Laser procedure on a regular basis in Victoria.
  • Introduce the Low Stress ReFocus procedure to free people from multifocal glasses.
  • Help people with high degrees of myopia or hypermetropia by using the Artisan Lens – an implantable contact lens. This was a first for the clinic.

Dr Medownick was the first in Australia and one of the first in the world to use Advanced Laser Surface (ALSA, or PRK) treatments to improve the clarity of vision after Lasik procedures. Dr Medownick was invited by leading American surgeons to collaborate on using PRK to improve vision after a Lasik procedure. These results were presented at major American and European cataract and refractive surgery meetings.

Personal life

Mark is married to Dr Alla Medownick, who has a PhD in mathematics and physics, and who supports Mark in all his endeavours. Medownick Laser Eye Clinic is their life.

The couple live in Melbourne where they are active patrons of the Melbourne International Festival, Opera Australia, The Production Company and Melbourne Theatre Company, which allows them to indulge their passion for music and the arts.

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